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My name is Rebecca Sarah - from Silver Birch Healing.                       Its wonderful to have you here!

The Silver Birch  is an ancient tree, steeped in wisdom. I have always felt a deep connection to the Earth and the wisdom of the trees. The Silver Birch was chosen to represent my healing for she is a tree who offers cleansing, clarity and strength.






The Silver Birch lights up under the Moon and provides light in the darkest hours.  So, let me empower you to find your inner light and shine it bright!  

I have 20 years experience as a Registered Nurse from which I am grateful to hold many transferable skills. I have always felt a calling to more holistic and self empowering modalities of healing. 

In 2019/20 I took the leap to train as an Usui Reiki Practitioner(level 1&2) and have since completely fallen in love with the healing magic that is Reiki. I successfully completed my Celtic level 1 Reiki and been attuned to Rose Reiki ( more details to follow) 

I have studied Kinesiology - the touch for health modality and completed a diploma in Meditation.

Crystals have long been a part of my life and I tend to incorporate crystals into all of my healing sessions if I am drawn to do so.  I work with various Divination tools to assist with insight and guidance such as Tarot cards, pendulums and Runes. -- About | Silver Birch Healing

All of my treatment and readings  are available via distance offerings - while I currently manifest a beautiful healing space! Distance healing is very effective so do check out what its all about !

In May 2021, I qualified as a Holistic End of Life Practitioner/Soul Midwife this has brought about a 20 year passion of supporting people and families with one of the most sacred times in their lives. -- Holistic End of Life Care | Silver Birch Healing

I love the Moon and her magic, I work with herbs and plant wisdom - all of which incorporate into my healings and teachings. Herbs and Crystals | Silver Birch Healing

I am available on YouTube for meditations, collective card readings and more.  Drop me a follow on Instagram or Facebook AND if you subscribe to my site you will be the first to read my blogs as they become available.

All my details are available via the linktree click below

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               I look forward to hearing from you soon!

                                 Reiki Blessings 

                                Rebecca Sarah

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