Rose Reiki

Rose healing with the Ray of the Divine Feminine Light

Close Up of Pink Roses
Pink Rose

what is Rose Reiki?

The Rose healing Ray is the Ray of Divine Feminine Light, it is held by Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Lady Nada , Quan Yin and Aphrodite. It is a beautiful ray to channel in during Reiki healing sessions and is especially good for self love, inner beauty, self esteem and rose radiance - basically all those beautiful feminine aspects.

I have always felt a connection with Mary Magdalene - and I love her energy , strength and beauty.

The Divine Feminine ray is symbolised by the Rose which represents emotional healing, self love, self worth, deep inner beauty, radiance , grace, sensuality, softness and gentleness.

When channelling this healing to you , I will call upon the Mary's to bring forth the healing ray for you. I will utilise some heart opening crystals and colours to assist and bless you with some rose water essence. This can be done as a distance healing - energy is energy and can be sent with intent and love to anyone anywhere in the world. 


healing with the rose ray

watch this space!

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