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" The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a                 midwife to birth of soul" John O' Donohue

Death is the one certainty in life - yet its the thing we spend most of our lives avoiding, we don't like to talk about it , we have even come up with a whole host of words and phrases to save us saying the 'D' word.

I have nursed for over 20 years and have cared for many dying people and their relatives during that time. I have always felt it a great honour to care for the dying. It is a sacred and special time , preparation for the next stage of our souls journey and I have always felt it a privilege  to support people in this way.

I became very passionate about meeting the wishes of those who are dying when as a young student nurse my dear Grandma was admitted to my ward for end of life care - you can read my experience and what it has taught me here - Why do we fear the inevitable? (silverbirchhealing.com) 

To care for someone who is dying is the last gift you can give them. As a Soul Midwife I can support you to care for your loved one who is dying in many ways. I can  provide non medical and holistic companionship combined with Reiki techniques, gentle touch , aromatherapy and sound  all of which can help alleviate pain and anxiety.  Most importantly I can offer a gentle , compassionate and loving presence to help facilitate a peaceful death.

Listening and holding space is the most fundamental element of the Soul Midwifes role. This can be called upon before you/your family member are in the final stages of life. Preparing for and planning how you would like your dying process to materialise is so very important but it can be very confusing also. I can offer practical guidance, signposting or simply an ear to listen and you don't have to be dying to plan your end of life care !

I always welcome any queries too so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

          " Someone will wash the body. Someone will dress the body.

                     Some one will close the eyes for the final time.

                                                Someone will

At the critical moment of death, someone will perform these tasks for the person who we have loved and cared for all our lives.

why would we give those meaningful rituals away to a stranger?

Why do we give away the best stuff?

                                         ~ Anne O' Connor~

Please contact Rebecca Sarah at silverbirchhealing@yahoo.com for more information.