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Silver Birch Healing was established in 2019 as I decided to leave my nursing career behind me and follow my dreams to create a wellness business with the focus being a more natural and holistic one. 

With a 20 year career in nursing as my foundation, I have an in-depth understanding of our bodies and their amazing ability to heal naturally.

My attunement to Reiki has been life changing and my passion and love for this healing modality only strengthens. Reiki forms the basis of all that I offer here. My knowledge and skills are always growing and evolving and I truly love empowering and supporting you on your healing journey.

From my cosy treatment room in rural South Lincolnshire, I offer energy healing, reflexology treatments, crystal healing and intuitive card readings. 

I have a passion for empowering woman along their healing and/or spiritual journey and with my attunement to Rose Reiki I have channelled a beautiful and empowering treatment combining Rose Reiki, Crystal healing, aromatherapy and reflexology.

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I love Bees, I have been passionate about the plight of our bees for many years now. Bumblebees are amazing little creature, they pollinate our crops and our wildflowers. There are 24 species of Bumblebees in Britain but sadly these numbers are in decline. I have decided to give something back by supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust as my chosen charity this year. For every treatment session I give to you, I will donate £1 to support the bees! You can find out more about this charity here - About us - Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Thank you for helping me to help them.


I am hugely passionate about our Earth and live as sustainably as possibly. I make and create my own cleansing wands, sprays and oils with the herbs I lovingly grow in my garden. I will always be transparent with the ingredients of any product I am using and I ask that you make me aware of any allergies please.

I only use certified organic ingrediants with zero chemicals or preservatives. For my reflexology balms I purchase from

Flying Wild an eco friendly company who

plant a tree with every purchase.

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I am really proud to be a member of APTL - the Association of Professional Therapists and Lecturers. 


T & C's - please read!

Terms & Conditions of Booking

My booking system is available online. This is to request an appointment and IS NOT a guaranteed appointment.

48 hour cancellation policy 

Once I have received your request for an appointment, I will contact you to confirm and to arrange payment of deposit in order to secure your appointment.

The deposit will be £10 unless stated otherwise on the services listing. This is to be paid within 48 hours of the request being sent to you. Details of how will be in the email you receive.

This is a none refundable deposit.. If you cancel your appointment with a 48 hour notice, you can transfer your deposit to another booking, but this must be arranged at the time of cancellation and will only be honoured on 3 occasions. 

If your cancellation falls short of the 48 hour period, you will lose your deposit.

Your deposit amount will be deducted from the payment required for treatment on the day of your appointment.



Appointment Policy

  • Have good hygiene and cleanliness

  • Do not schedule a treatment if you have an acute or contagious illness

  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to your  appointment

  • If you arrive late for an appointment the remaining time will be used to its best advantage.

  • Gift vouchers are non refundable.

  • When booking the first appointment please allow up to 30 mins consultation time. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and to sign a declaration. Some medical conditions are contraindicated, please mention any current medical conditions at the time of booking your appointment.

  • please note no claim has been made to cure or guarantee the benefits of any treatment.

  • Complementary holistic therapies are not medical treatments and are not intended to replace allopathic medicine.

  • I do not require your vaccination status! This will not be a condition of treatment. 

IThe images and text on this website belong to Wixsite or Silver Birch Healing please do not duplicate without permission.

My room is based downstairs in my home with a small step at the front entrance, there is a toilet and wash room facilities. Parking is advised either on the drive at the front of the property, just outside the property or in the parking verges in the village - please park with consideration for those with drives. 

I can offer a mobile service if you are unable to attend for treatments in person, please email me or telephone to arrange.

Thank you.

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