Herbs and Crystals

I have always loved herbs and crystals, tapping into the wisdom and healing they offer is a big part of my life . I thought I would share it here with you !

Crystal of the Month

Petrified wood is the name given to a special type of fossilised remain of terrestrial vegetation. Petrification s the result of a tree or tree- like plant that's has been replaced by a stone via a mineralisation process.

Petrified wood is a beautiful balancing crystal which assists anyone who is feeling stuck or experiencing being frozen in time. Petrified wood brings foundation for new growth from which new projects or paths can emerge.

A grounding stone I use frequently in  my Reiki treatments to ground my clients, this crystal is a good choice to get you through this final eclipse energy. If you need a grounding visualisation please check out my Youtube video https://youtu.be/oWawOjn-EaU  

petrified wood.png

Plant Wisdom


Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale

Also known as Knitbone and has been used historically to heal broken bones, not only that but it is known to be beneficial for tendons, ligaments and skin healing. Comfrey contains a compound called allantoin - this encourages the replication of new cells and improves scar formation. Comfrey is best used externally though as it can be detrimental to the liver. So its a great herb for oils, teas and tinctures. I grow comfrey for my bee friends and I also make a feed out of it for my tomatoes and beans - it really stinks buuut they seem to thrive on it!
Comfrey reminds us to take time to attend to any outward manifestation of issues whilst also tending to that underlying cause. As we work through eclipse season we may notice old emotional patterns/people/toxic behaviours resurfacing. Comfrey will assist you in addressing these issues and to heal them from within. Comfrey heals the bones which are representative of our foundations, a direct link to our ancestors. You may find ancestral healing has been a theme of late and you may find yourself taking these skeletons out of the closets, healing the broken bones/wounds and then burying them with ritual and love.