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Healing is a journey and all of my services will assist you with this but it is so important to offer you the tools to continue and to maintain your healing. so on this page you will find some top tips for balance, well- being and mindfulness!

Autumn Health and Well-being

As we slip into these colder months , its good to take notice of where we are at physically. At each Equinox, our bodies perform a cleanse this is because the direction and flow of our energy is changed. This causes a release of toxins that have been built up in our systems over the previous 6 months or so. As you have probably noticed there are lots of coughs and colds at the moment. This is a normal bodily response to the seasonal change. Toxins that are released from our cells need to be excreted from our body and this is done via various exit routes (!) Lungs, bowels, skin, lymph, blood and our amazing liver . ( The liver and Lymph are so amazing by the way !)

So what we see is this toxin release in the way of coughs , colds, headache and other mild to moderate illness. It is ok to be ill ( despite the fear that is currently pedalled by the government and media!) it is your bodies way of cleansing, rebalancing and realigning your cellular activity. 

Of course being unwell is never a pleasant experience but we certainly must not live in fear of it, instead we must take responsibility for our physical and mental health, tune into our body daily to feel what it needs and be so very grateful for our health and wellness.

Here are a few steps you can implement in to your daily routine to optimise your health this autumn -

1.  Breath work - take 5 minutes every morning to connect with your breath. Breath deeply for 10 breaths, really notice all the sensations and movement associated with breathing. Get fresh air into your lungs every day! This is a none negotiable. We must breathe fresh air not continuous stale or false air. 


2. Look after your skin - its an exit route for toxins so take care of it. Dry brushing is fantastic for stimulating the lymph system here's an article with more information for you -  Dry Brushing: Benefits and How-To Guide (verywellhealth.com)

3. Take regular salt baths, Epsom or Himalayan salts really help draw out the toxins through the skin. Remember to rehydrate afterwards.

4. Water - up your intake and try to get filtered clean water if you can. Flush out those toxins, cleanse and hydrate your body, replenish your water . I truly notice a huge difference on days when I drink good amounts of water compared to days when I don't. 

5. Liver health - incorporate lots of greens into your diet, fresh and organic if you can. Add some concentrated greens like chlorella, wheat grass and spirulina.

6. Eat nourishing food but don't over eat , wholesome meals are the way forward at this time but if you can bring some level of fasting into your week to allow your body a break this will also have huge health benefits. Please be fully informed prior to fasting! Just trying to really listen to your body and only eat when you are truly hungry is a good way to start.

7. Connecting to nature - yes I say this all the time but ITS TRUE!!!! Daily connecting to nature will improve your physical and mental health, be it standing in your garden for ten minutes or a walk , as much as autumn is a time to slow down a little - don't completely stop. Remember movement is medicine!

8. Gratitude - yep I said the G word again - but this time I want to tell you about a new thing I have tried with my good friend Emma. Its called a ta-da list rather than a to do list! Inspired by the The of Attraction saved my life podcast! Each week we write out ALL the things we have achieved in that week, all the small wins - we write them out and we pat ourselves on the back ( and each other via text!!) . It is amazing what we all manage to do in a week, but often we just focus on all the stuff we have to do rather than all the things we have done! Practising this technique shifts your focus , makes you feel a lot lighter and gives you an opportunity to see what a bloody amazing person you are!!!!

9. Switch off your tv - seriously - yep away from the drama, find your tribe, live your life!!

So there you go, my top few Autumn health tips and ideas! Keep well and enjoy a beautiful autumn !

                                           much love

                                        Rebecca Sarah