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Healing is a journey and all of my services will assist you with this but it is so important to offer you the tools to continue and to maintain your healing. so on this page you will find some top tips for balance, well- being and mindfulness!

Beach Meditation

Your vibration is a fancy way of describing your overall state of being. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level- this includes you" ~ Cassandra Sturdy


When we get immersed in emotions like anxiety , our vibrations drop, we vibrate at a lesser frequency. Life doesn't flow so well and remember what we put out we attract back! When we raise our vibrations our life becomes almost effortless, filled with love and gratitude.


Yea its not easy to achieve that state of Zen and I am not going to try and suggest for one minute we should all be vibrating super high all the time as I just don't think its realistic (and I wouldn't be practising what I preached!!) Buuut, we can all do some rituals throughout our day to bring our vibration up a notch and start to notice the impact this really has on our being.

Cultivating a healthy mindset is all about finding ways to grow from your thoughts as opposed to allowing them to control you. Notice how I have refrained from using the term 'positive mindset' that's because I feel positivity can feel pressurising and actually its important to accept all of our emotions, and this can still be done with a healthy mindset.


All of us have certain patterns of behaviour and our brains are quite lazy in that they like to fall back to learnt patterns rather than try and learn new ones. If you think about it , it takes at least 28 days to form a habit such as healthy eating, and even then our minds can often fall back at the first hurdle we face - or is that just my mind hahaha!!!

Changing emotional patterns and thoughts does take a degree of commitment , acceptance and self awareness - but hey we've got plenty of time to work on all of those things at the moment. Just remember that unhealthy thoughts tend to lead us down the route of fear, anxiety and stress all of which lead to lower vibrations and frequencies.


I have put together a list of ways to help cultivate that healthy mindset. But let me just be clear, I don't want you to read this and feel its unachievable. No feelings of inadequacy are required, just take from this list what you feel is achievable. One small thing will make a difference and once you start, you will want to build on that feeling.


Meditation is medication - its a phrase I have heard a lot. It is true though meditation has a long history and has been practised for many years throughout many different cultures. Meditation can seem a little overwhelming though - what even is meditation?! If you are new to meditating then start small, don't get caught up on whether you are 'doing it right', just spend a few minutes each day in the quiet focussing on your breath. Meditation isn't necessarily about having a silent mind - its about acknowledging those thoughts , letting them pass by , and always bringing your focus back to your breath. Some people find certain activities meditating - you don't have to be sat crossed legged for 4 hours - a walk ,colouring, crochet, craft - all things that take you away from your busy brain and give you time to just be.

Mindfulness goes hand in hand with meditation . Incorporating some mindfulness into your day will really help to reset your mind and bring you back to the moment. You can be mindful about anything you are doing - a shower, a walk, a cup of coffee etc. Its just about bringing your whole attention to that act and noticing with all your senses how you are absorbing that moment.




Truly knowing yourself is a process and its not always an easy one. Often people think because I work with light energy healing - I am all love and light and fluffy unicorns!! I always tell my clients that it is important to work through, accept and process darker times and our shadow self . That being the less desirable aspects of our self. Not always easy to do - journaling though is a fabulous way of getting to know your shadow self. All you need is a notebook , a pen and some time. I journal in the evenings when I finally get some peace! Some days I write a lot , others I just write out my gratitude list. Writing is a good therapeutic tool. There are lots of journaling prompts on the internet to utilise and in February I will be posted some on my pages for you to try if you wish!




I love sleep -I just wish I got enough of it!!! Insomnia or sleepless nights can be very detrimental to your health. Sleep is the greatest healer. In my many years of nursing I always told my patients to rest and to sleep. The body and the mind need time to restore. The most common cause of insomnia is stress and anxiety - not being able to switch off our minds. Here's my top tips for a restful night

  1. wind down - an evening routine helps prepare the mind and body for rest. So screens away and relaxing activities only for about an hour before bed

  2. dump your thoughts - this is where journaling comes in again. if your mind is racing with thoughts, worries and woes write it all out -dump your thoughts out of your mind and release the angst!

  3. essential oils such as lavender help bring about feelings of calm and relaxation

  4. Rubbing a magnesium butter on the soles of your feet before bed also works a treat. Many of us are so deficient in magnesium theses days, its so important for many chemical reactions in the body and its a good nutrient for general well-being. It encourages relaxation as well as sleep and plays a key role in regulating the body's response system to stress. You can take it orally, but I recommend a magnesium butter from Sweet Bee Organics - here's the link Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter – Sweet Bee Organics UK

  5. Of course I would recommend Reiki healing for helping with insomnia. Reiki is a lovely healing energy which helps the body mind and soul to relax and rest. I can offer distance Reiki in the comfort of your own home - pop me a line to find out more!



Yes exactly that nourishing your body with good food and regular movement is key for a healthy mindset. Bringing some raw fruit or veggies into your day and plenty of sipped water will help raise your vibrations, your energy levels and your well-being. Exercise is also important - I am no gym bunny but if you are go for it!! Exercise can mean a good walk daily or a yoga video . There's loads of free exercise videos on YouTube, my personal favourite is this lady - Free Yoga Videos (yogawithadriene.com)



Nooooo not those sort of selfies with the funny filters.....I mean take time to accept your self, believe in your self, work on your self esteem, know your self, trust yourself and most importantly BE YOURSELF!

We spend so much time seeking acceptance, putting up our shields, not believing in ourselves and really being unkind to ourselves. Its time to tell that inner critic to shut the hec up!!! Next time you doubt yourself or devalue yourself - just think - would I speak to my friends like this? Chances are you wouldn't - so don't speak to yourself like it!




We are more than just a physical body we are all Spirit and we are all connected to Spirit. I have written about nourishing our bodies and our minds but do you nourish your spiritual self?

True health is more than just the physical aspect, its about your energy and your experiences. Nourishing your spiritual side provides you with a truly holistic and balanced life style. So do what you love, surround yourself with people who are on your wavelength - find your tribe, pray and always come from a place of love and gratitude.



When we hold onto to emotions and feelings we hold them within our body. this creates blockages of energy and over time causes dis-ease. Its really healthy to let shit go ( as I like to call it!) By this I mean releasing all those thoughts feelings and emotions to the Universe.

A simple but effective technique is to write it all down and then burn it (safely of course!) with the words ' I release these worries/thoughts/feelings/beliefs from within me, I ask that you take this away so I can make room for the new' Or words to that effect - a good time to do this is under the energy of the full Moon.

Reiki is also a able to release energetic blockages, clear, cleanse and realign chakra energy centres .




Manifesting is all about focussing on what you truly want. You can manifest anything you like! Just be clear about what you want and really visualise how you will feel when you achieve it. Take time to do this, always use positive affirmations and words and think about the next 3 steps you will have to take to put your wish into reality. I use vision boards (either on my phone or I create one!) I love looking at it everyday- it really helps keep me focussed on what I want! Check out this podcast 'The Law of Attraction saved my Life' with Francesca Amber - she says it as it is and has some great tips for manifesting the life of your dreams. ‎Law of Attraction Changed My Life on Apple Podcasts (also available on Spotify!)



So, there you have it. My 8 top tips for a healthy mindset. 8 being the number of success of course! Which one will you try first? how many of these do you already utilise? I would love to hear your thoughts.

I have no affiliations with any of the link provided!