Moon and Stars

The 24th June 2021 brings us the full moon in the sign of Capricorn. Named by the Native Americans as the Strawberry moon, you may notice the strawberries in your garden are getting ready to be enjoyed!

This Moon is the first full moon following a rather intense eclipse season. So now is the time to take a breath and realign your soul. Capricorn moon energy is one of effort, healing, seeking and completion. We may have all been feeling a little all over the place lately, thankfully the grounding earthiness of Capricorn will help us to stay aligned to our centre whilst feeling more calm. It is time to heal yourself and tend to any eclipse/ mercury retrograde wounds. As the sun has swung into the sign of Cancer (our deeply emotional homemaker crab!) It is super important to make plenty of time for self care, to absorb the emotions you have recently experienced and to understand their teachings 

The Moon in Capricorn brings a lovely earthy vibe so daily barefoot grounding is recommended and with the water sign of cancer bearing influence I would also work on cleansing any old emotions, behaviours ,relationships or thought patterns which have become stagnant within.  Ask yourself how you can forgive yourself for any regrets you may be carrying? How can you let go of that  "I should of" and "I could of", and view yourself as a soul on a learning journey, growing daily and deserving of forgiveness and love?

Be kind to yourself  always, but particularly focus on topping up that self love cup under this moons influence. Use journaling, crystals. meditations and time with nature to help. You may be feeling the need to be more at home and connected to your family, this comes from the Cancer influence. So do lovely things at home - bake, tend to your garden , switch off the devices and just be together.

Crystals I will be using over the next few weeks are

* Rose quartz - great for that Capricorn moon vibration and great for self compassion
* Smoky Quartz - to assist with transmuting those weird eclipse vibes!
* Merlinite - to connect on a deeper level with nature
* Malachite - the stone of transformation , to grow from the lessons of our recent past.

Your Angel card message for this Moons energy is Healing - heart healing, self compassion, love and kindness. Allowing yourself time, connecting to your heart chakra, working with gratitude and the green vibration of the earth to embrace your soul. Transformation is coming so make sure you are ready!