Winter Well-being 

Winter whispers on the wind - can you feel her presence ?

In the UK we have experienced a somewhat milder than usual autumn, some may say there have been a spring like vibe to the weather. I have seen bulbs popping up earlier than usual in my garden and have enjoyed many walks in the healing rays of our Sun. But alas as I sit here typing this, the weather has taken a cooler turn and the sky is somewhat grey! We have definitely arrived in the darker half of the year. 

Winter months bring a change to the rhythms of our lives. The longer darker nights and the colder weather guide us to wrap ourselves warm and hibernate in our caves. Winter is a time to slow down, to perhaps spend more time in solitude and reflection and to work on our inner selves before we grow and blossom again next year.

Modern living seems to forget this ancient wisdom from the earth as we find ourselves over stimulated with bright lights, busy social lives, indulging ourselves in festive food and feeling the pressure perhaps to spend and consume. Not that there is anything wrong with this, I just feel its important to be mindful of our natural state of being this time of year and to bring balance to our lives - time for business and time for quiet reflection.

The darker nights can also bring about the winter blues known as  Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D). This can have varying degrees of affect on people with symptoms of fatigue, depression, social withdrawal, lack of focus and difficulty in sleeping. I think we are all affected by the change in season in someway, but its important to keep a check on yours and your loved ones health and prompt them /yourself to seek professional help if needed. 

There's also the added stress of the global situation which of course brings about fear, possible restriction on movements and social interaction (if you choose to comply!!) Whatever your take on the situation there is a lot of fear about in the world presently, anger and division too. Lots of lower vibration energies which all have an impact on our collective consciousness (if we choose to let it!)

I've popped together a couple of ways to mange those lower darker days and I hope you find them helpful.

* Create a joy jar - grab an old jam jar and some small pieces of paper. On the pieces of paper, write down all those activities that bring you pleasure and joy - watching your fave Christmas film, baking a cake, taking a bath, walking the dog, creating something - whatever - then fold them all up and add them to the jar. When you are feeling in a funk, grab your joy jar and pick an activity!

* Connect to the outside in the daylight hours as often as you can. Just wrap up and get outside. Don't let the weather put you off, embrace it all as an adventure and a blessing! Moving your body will also help release any stagnant energy that may be holding you down!

* Meditation and reflection - be present in your day and with yourself, acknowledge the emotions (good and bad) sit with it and allow it to pass through - remember you are in control of your emotions, they don't own or define you. Journal it out - write down how you are feeling explore it and release it. Or connect to your breath and physical body - deep breathing has so many benefits , try it a couple of times a day you will soon notice how revitalising it feels!

* Create a winter solstice alter - this is great to do with kids! Have some time collecting nature item - sticks, pine cones, evergreen leaves etc. Set some space and create a beautiful alter. You can add crystals and winter scene pictures too. Add candles to your space (safely obvs!) . At this point you can reflect on the darkness of winter, talk to your children about why darkness may seem scary but it is necessary for regrowth. Think about all the seeds and roots of the plants deep in the earth , safe and secure just resting ready to transform in spring time.  It is on the solstice (21st December) that we welcome back the return of the light. Solstice means sun stands still and so we are paused as is the Sun for a few days until then the shift happens and the light slowly begins to return. You can light your candles and celebrate the return of the light!

These are just a few ways in which you can add some lightness to your winter. Who knows what will be in store for us globally over the next few months. This is why I keep saying, please look after your physical, spiritual and mental well-being, use your discernment with all the information that is being thrown at us , know your truth and try not to focus on fear, anger and division. It is so important for us all to unite, to love and to rise through the darkness - WE ARE THE LIGHT!!!

Have a warm and well winter , thank you for reading .

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