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🌿November holds the vibration of number 11, in numerology this is known as a Master Number.

🌿 It is associated with your crown chakra, connection to higher spiritual realms and Divinity.

🌿 Today it is the 11th of the 11th, 11.11, a high vibrational number connected to manifestation potential and spiritual awakening.

🌿 11.11 is often a repeated number you'll see as your spiritual path opens for you. It's known as an angelic number and is seen as a sign that your guides/angels are sending you extra blessings and divine love.

🌿It is a powerful portal for you to tune into angelic realms or divine guidance (however that manifests for you) enabling you to create the reality you want to live in.... Use it wisely!

🌿 Keep Reading for my collective card reading...

Cards - the two of swords and Ruis Elder

Runes - Sowelu and Eihwaz

Here we have a choice, a decision, how we move forward collectively from this point will be a conscious decision we all make. We see a woman with her eyes covered, guarding her heart with two crossed swords, she is still in the moment. Her heart is protected maybe because its fragile, her eyes are covered maybe to enable her connection to her higher self to strengthen or maybe because she has been too afraid to see, she is still maybe to allow space and peace before her next decision is made. In the background we see butterflies suggestive of transformation and the moon beginning her waxing cycle indicating growth.

It's a powerful time, a time in which we must connect to our selves and our spirituality. A time to trust the unseen, to tune in deeper to our other senses, time to pause before carefully considered action.

Where do we want to go from here? What do we want our lives to be like?

This is a time in which many are beginning to connect to their spiritual side, a time of an awakening. We need to lift the blindfolds that have been placed upon us, but be ready and prepared to face the darkness as well as the light. We need to open our hearts to love and to each other. Time to free our minds, bodies and souls.

We have Eihwaz, the rune of the Yew tree. A beautiful rune of deep ancient wisdom, of green sap rising. Nature holds the key to our collective rebirth. Let all that no longer serves us die back and allow the new to be nurtured within us. Connecting to nature, to ancient ways and wisdom will guide us forward.

Beautiful Elder is here also representing death and rebirth.. Old ways are dying, new ways are coming. We must trust this message. A time for personal withdrawal and taking stock - the pause - like we are at a threshold. Elders theme is 'the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end'. A time for retrospection and release. Surrender old ideas, projects, relationships and patterns. Again Elder brings a message of reconnecting with our ancestor, seeking out our elders for guidance.

Finally we have Sowelu, the Rune of the sun (these are the other way round in the image sorry!) this rune tells me light is on the way. A lighter energy, a new growth. If we use this energy wisely we will be met with success. Under this runes influence, all can be seen, all is illuminated in the bright light of the day reminding us again that we need to look at the darkness, to cast the light on it.

I hope this reading offers some resonance with you. Enjoy the energy of the 11.11portal, manifest and create your reality!!!!!

Much love

Rebecca Sarah 💜🌿

Ps. If you book a 3 card reading tarot or rune today you pay just £11:11 usual price £15. The three cards/runes will look at where you are,what to release, next steps. Email me at Silverbirchhealing@yahoo.com to arrange!

This offer is valid until 17.11.21, Readings are written and sent online.

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