A reading for May 2022

I have some beautiful new decks that I am working with at the moment , so I felt compelled to share a reading for you collectively looking at May 2022.

May starts off with a bit of a bang as we have the Black moon on the 30th April plus a partial solar eclipse ,Beltane festival not to mention all of the solar flares that have been occurring lately.

I have really noticed the ebbs and flows in these energies and feel there has been a shift within me recently as I have embraced these planetary alignments.

You can hear more about this in my podcast with Sam Lacey. We collaborate as the Rebel Witches and get together to discuss all sorts of different woo woo topics! We tackle some serious stuff but we always bring a sense of light heartedness too. Head over to Spotify for a listen. Shadow work and planetary energies!!! • The Rebel Witches (spotify.com)

Lets have a look at the card messages we received for May 2022.

Nobody panic - we have the death card here! This card is never as bleak as it sounds. Death is a transition and this card is asking us to consider it as such. Eclipse season often brings big changes and sudden endings. This card is reminding us of that.

Death is a necessary process we all have cycles of within our lives. Letting things go, ending things that no longer serve our highest good releasing a hold over certain aspects of our life can all be regarded here with this card. All things come to an end!

I love this card, I love marigold and the skull is beautiful. Death is beautiful once we accept it as part of life. This card is about finding closure in order to accept renewal, its about honouring the experiences we have in life and the lessons our soul receives at each transition. So embrace the fragility of life, live in the moment, admire the beauty and then allow the petals to fall gracefully. releasing them with love and kindness .

The next card is equally beautiful . Its the Sanctuary of Light and Mugwort. This card reminds us that the veil is thin presently. This is usual around Eclipses and big portals of energy such as Beltane - May Day. This card is telling us that as a collective we are awakening more and more to the magic potential of life. The magic of our own potential! This is about raising that collective vibration, living less in the dense 3D energies we are used to (fear, division etc) and embracing the need to live from the heart. Mugwort is a magical herb - it is a gateway herb to other worldly experiences. I can absolutely vouch for this having drunk mugwort tea and experienced a night like no other !! Mugwort is guiding us through these energetic portals, enhancing our psychic powers and lucid dreams. Mugwort also purifies so this is a reminder to cleanse your space and your auric field regularly. This will help you clear away dense stuck energies and pave the way for higher vibrational ones.

From my new Sacred Cycles Oracle deck we have Fox and Thirteen Moons. Fox is an observer, she moves in silence , assessing her options and never straying too far from her den. With a keen awareness of the possibilities Fox then pursues and sets her sights on the hunt with calmness and certainty. Thirteen moons represents and reconnects us to the sacred cycles within the Wheel of the Year. 13 being the number of the Divine Feminine so we are being called to reconnect to that inner feminine wisdom, that deep knowing that resides in our bones and within the Earth from the ancestors. With this combination we are definitely being asked to seek out what is in alignments to our Dharma - our souls purpose, looking at what is coming up for us in the way of opportunities and using our inner wisdom and knowing to feel into whether they are in alignment with ourselves.

And finally Peony has a message of guidance for us. If you follow me on Instagram you will see I had a card message about this recently. this is about planning and prepping not from fear but from love. Make time to learn about the cycles of nature, growing food, herbs and flowers to incorporate into your life. We are being led down the narrative of shortages and disruptions to food supply. Please trust that the universe will provide, it just needs a little bit of planning and working on today!

Thank you so much for reading this blog. Do let me know in the comments below whether you feel this reading resonates . Take what does and leave what doesn't. You can connect with me on my social media platforms by clicking here - https://linktr.ee/Silver_Birch_Healing and if you would like to message me for a personalised reading you can email me here silverbirchhealing@yahoo.com or WhatsApp me on 07747505076

Wishing you all lots of May time blessings.

Ps I intend to do a collective reading every month so do keep your peepers peeled and feel free to share with friends and family thank you.

Rebecca Sarah xx

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