An introduction to some of the Reiki Principles

~R E I K I ~~ P R I N C I P L E S~



~Just for today I will not anger ~

Anger is a low vibrational emotion it sits down there with fear. There's a lot of anger and fear around the world at the moment.

Remember we are all one consciousness, all connected as one. What we feel, we vibrate and therefore we emanate these energies to the Universe.

This is not about ignoring and pushing down feelings, this is about acknowledging, processing and embracing emotions which are often difficult to work with.

Once we start to do this we begin to heal ourselves.

❤️Anger is the red emotion, so if you are feeling a lot of anger soothe your soul with the colour blue. 💙

~Aquamarine and Sodalite are amazing crystals to work with to help calm the energy of red and anger.

~Journalling your thoughts and feelings is a useful tool in working through your emotions and getting to the root cause.

~positive affirmations are great to assist with mindset changes

~ Reiki energy healing will support the emotional body and empower your healing journey.

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~ R E I K I ~ P R I N C I P L E S ~



As one of life's big worriers (I was born on a Wednesday so I blame that!! 🤣😉) This principle is always my WIP #workinprogress.

What does worrying really achieve!!?? It kinda just ruins the moment doesn't it?

Worry about the past? ~~~ too late it's gone

Worry about the future? ~~~ why? It's not happening now

What do you spend your time worrying about? Is it anything you can control? Chances are it isn't.

Overthinking will lower your vibe, lessen your joy and dampen your mood. It will make everything worse than it actually is. Take a deep breath, exhale and have faith. What's meant to be will be.

Reiki is really effective treatment in reducing stress, anxiety and worry. As a practitioner I can set the intention of the Healing to support you with this. Do let me know if you wish to book some distance healing.

Other great tips for reducing worry

° get grounded ~connect with nature literally place your feet amongst the Earth's offerings

° meditation ~ just 5 minutes a day will help