Anxiety is such a b****

I am a person who experiences anxiety. I've always been a worrier - some say those born on a Wednesday are full of woe! Well that's true for me, my anxiety started in childhood and has continued into my 40's. Post natal mental health was a big trigger in my anxiety, it impacted my life at this stage badly enough to affect relationships with friends and family, it made me feel disconnected from those I loved and irrationally angry. I struggled a lot without really addressing what the issue was. I would get anxious about driving, parking, going out on my own with my baby, my baby choking, my ability to converse and interact as an adult, how I looked.. You name it! I would get overwhelmed by the simplest of tasks such as deciding what to cook for tea or writing the shopping list! It was not good (I still get a little pissed off when having to decide the whole what's for tea scenario daily but hey!!)

I'm sure some of this will be resonating with you. So take comfort in knowing you are not alone. There are many many people who experience anxiety - note I try not to say suffer with anxiety, that way it has less of a hold over me, its all about mindset!

The world has presented us all with many intense challenges this last couple of years, and just when we thought things we improving there is much more unrest in the world. This really triggers our base chakra. Our feelings of security and safety which I believe is the basis of many anxiety issues. I think at a time like this it is more important than ever that we work on our selves, focus on our healing and tend to our needs. We do not need to feel selfish about this, we need to understand the importance of self care and loving ourselves enough to take deeper care of our whole selves.

There are many techniques, tips and practices we can incorporate into our daily lives to try and reduce our levels of anxiety. I'm going to share some of these with you now.

When we are feeling anxious we are absolutely out of our bodies and very much in our heads. Focusing on the future rather than the now. So if you can begin to bring some mindfulness techniques or breath work into your life, you will find this brings you back in your body! The technique above is a fabulous, quick to work and effective. Connecting to your breath is the best way to calm your mind and bring you back to your self!

Mindfulness is all about connecting to the present so another good thing to do is bring yourself to the moment by listing 5 things you can see 4 things you can hear 3 things you can touch 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste!

I love affirmations, the power of the subconscious mind is amazing. It is always listening even when you are asleep. Using daily affirmations or even bringing them in when you feel that anxiety trigger will truly help. 'I am calm, I am safe, all is well, this too will pass' these are my favourites. You can also find many YouTube channels who offer affirmations for the subconscious mind, you listen to them as you sleep and over time your brain is rewired! Basically your subconscious feeds your conscious mind!!

Journalling is wonderful too, a technique I employ regularly. Writing it out enables me to let it go, it gets it out there and off my chest and brings my rational mind back into focus. Of course also if you can talk to someone you trust and let those feelings out.

Crystals can be truly beneficial for anxiety. I would recommend sitting with them, wearing them, meditating with them, crystal gridding etc etc. Just connect with that crystal. For anxiety I would really recommend amethyst, it's a beautiful soothing, healing and protective stone. Others I would use would be white howlite, red jasper, smoky quartz, rose quartz and Bloodstone. Each has a slightly different approach to anxiety for example white howlite is very calming and red jasper very nurturing. Smoky quartz is wonderful at transmuting negative emotions and rose quartz brings forth the self compassion. Use what you are drawn to, just remember to cleanse and set the intent with your stones and they really will help you.

The little graphic I created also has several other suggestions to offer support and help for anxiety and includes -


Exercise or yoga

Disconnecting from the socials

Listen to some calming sounds and music


Diffuse some calming essential oils such as lavender

Take a bath

Get outside and connect to nature.

As a holistic Therapist I feel truly blessed to offer treatments that will help with anxiety.

I often get asked, will Reiki help with my anxiety symptoms?

Short answer =yes!

Reiki is amazing at helping with anxiety, I can vouch for that. I use it a lot to settle my anxious mind, my children's upset and my dogs wierd phobia of the washing machine (don't ask!)

Reikii jumps starts your bodies own self-healing response. This helps assist the body in releasing deep seated tensions, aiding in detoxification and balancing mental and emotional states. A reiki session will also allow you to shift your focus, you'll stop focusing on your anxiety trigger/feelings/overcatastrophising and begin to relax, feel present and connected.

Reiki can give you the balance you need to put anxiety into perspective and this works with both in person treatments and distance healing sessions.

Reflexology is also a great treatment for bringing balance and wholeness to your body. It works the Reflex points on the soles of your feet which all correspond with the organs, nerves etc within your body. It will also work on your Chakra points which will help realign the energy flow in your body.

I do passionately believe that any time we spend relaxing and refocusing our minds will help us reduce our feelings of worry. Be that Journalling, crystals or Reiki it's all steps that can be taken. Saying that, the biggest step we can all take right now is to disconnect from the News, the social media posts and the fear. We have the power to choose what it is we focus our energy on, what we focus on becomes our reality. So let's not choose fear and the media, let's choose love, let's focus on peace, let's unite and heal together.

I hope you find this blog helpful.. Please do comment below and let me know. If you are experiencing anxiety and need to reach out please do so. You can connect with me via WhatsApp 07747505076 or email


Much love, peace and Crystal healing

Rebecca Sarah 💜🌿🔮

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