Bees, Briganti and Me!

I have a little confession to make..... just a small one .... I am a little bit obsessed with Bees! I have been for ages now . I absolutely love them and really mis their hum when winter is here! I cant really tell you when my obsession began, but its grown with me as my love for gardening as developed over the years. I even used to be known on social media as Bex Bee in honour of these furry bottomed little loves!

My garden is grown for the pollinators, luckily for me, Bees love purple flowers and so do I. I grow a lot of lavender, alliums and delphiniums. I also love to grow lupins and watch the bees open the flower up to seek the nectar. The purple flower thing is just one of natures amazing 'things' really, purple flowers work very hard to be purple and produce larger volumes of nectar - so the bees get more 'nectar for their visit' than they do at other flowers. clever hey!?

I spend lots of time in the summer months jut watching the bees, their work ethic never fails to amaze me. Truly the phrase 'busy as a bee' is the most accurate nature inspired phrase ever!

Bees and the Spirit of Bee have guided me on my path for many months now. I had a sound healing and shamanic healing session from Jo over at Under the Rowan tree (she's on instagram if you want to check her out) and Bee showed up for me , he came to help me unlock the door and walk my path, to become of service for the greater good and to never forget my soul is yellow - of the sun and tending to my light is so very important to me. Knowing your soul path colour comes from numerology and your date of birth by the way - if you want to know more pop me a message and I can explore it with you.

Yellow is the colour associated with Bee and me, yellow is the colour of the solar plexus - I have really tuned into my solar plexus chakra this year and done much healing on it. Bee has guided me without me even realising at times and my reverence for this beautiful insect deepens.

Many people ask about the spiritual meanings of seeing insects/birds/feathers or dreams and other such signs from the universe. I always believe its important that the interpretation comes from you, not from Google. That s because its a message for you and you alone, so what does it mean for you. Bee, for me, means sunshine, connection with my hive, for me bee is a reminder to always do what you love whilst finding away to be of service to those you love.

I have a passion for learning Celtic Mythology and I was fascinated to read about the great respect the Celts held for the bees, they saw them as spiritual beings as messengers from spiritual guides. The honey they produced was sacred to the Celts and it was important that the bees were treated with respect. This is where the phrase - the telling of the bees comes from. The Celts told the bees about the significant events happening in their lives and that of their families. Bees are also very much associated with the goddess Brigid.

Brigid or Brigantia as I like to call her is a Celtic goddess and the first goddess I ever connected to and felt a true resonance with. There is a lot of information about Brigid and her amazing history out on the t'interweb so I wont go into that now, just to know that Brigid is associated with Imbolc and her time of year is fast approaching. I wrote a blog about Imbolc and crystals last year which I will l link to here Lighter days are coming ..... ( .

Upon finding that resonance with Brigantia and all that she represents I was charmed to discover she has an association with bees - no coincidences there then - the Ancient Celts believed Brigid's bees brought their magical nectar to earth from her apple orchard in the otherworld!

So, there we go , my little journey with bee has lead me this far, I found my path and I am about to launch my face to face healing business and bee in service to those that I love (other people!) I am also timing that very nicely with the energy of Imbolc a time of beginnings, growth and returning to the light.

Oh and if you happen to pay me a visit or a treatment , you may notice a few 'bee themed ' and green themed items in my room as way of honouring Brigantia and the Bees!!!

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