Crystals for April

The birthstone for April is the Diamond. A lot of people also suggest quartz is a crystal strongly associated with April too! I love quartz so being an April baby that kinda resonates with me too!

The beginning of April shoots us right into fiery Aries season so this can make us feel a bit of warrior energy, perhaps some fast paced action and the feelings of wanting to start new projects. Its important we can embrace these energies whilst staying grounded and calm, and also by not forgetting to take good care of ourselves.

For an Aries season crystal combination I would suggest the following

✨ Red jasper - grounding, nurturing and calming

✨Amethyst - to protect your energy

✨ Carnelian to awaken your creativity and focus your mind

✨Tigers eye - for clarity of vision and strengthening willpower

✨ Bloodstone - to cleanse and realign the lower chakras with the heart

I have recently posted on my social media channels about smoky quartz and clear Quartz, so for this blog I wanted to focus on Herkimer Diamond (you see the April link here!)

Herkimer diamond is Herkimer quartz a type of quartz. This crystal is super high vibing and high energy intensity!! Not recommended for children or animals!! Herkimer diamond is the most powerful of all the Quartz family. Its usually double terminated too and so can transmit and receive energies simultaneously.

Herkimer works with the brow and crown chakras. It's known to assist with vivid dreams, astral travel and clairvoyant/audient abilities. I have a small smokey Herkimer and it's strong, I've not yet dared to pop it under my pillow as I'm a bit sensitive to wierd night time occurrences without the added energetics of super charged crystals!

You can use Herkimer to assist you with connection to the spiritual realm as it is a high energy (think I've said that!) amplifier of spiritual energies! It's a crystal of pure solid light and good for assisting with manifesting and meditating.

Herkimer holds an energy of delicate harmony and the wisdom of this stone is that we have all that we need within. It gives us an understanding of the essential being within ourselves. Allowing us to appreciate all that is within us with a sense of understanding that we don't need to become anything, we just are what we are seeking!

Physically, Herkimer is a great crystal for reducing pain - just place it on the affected area and it will fill the space with light, soothing the pain away. It's great for purification of the body and removal of toxins and is also particularly supportive of the eyes. I think I read research to suggest Herkimer diamonds have helped correct and rectify eyesight problems!

I only have a very tiny piece of this crystal and I'm OK with that! As beautiful as it is, sometimes powerful crystals freak me out a little bit hahahaha!!

I'd love to know whether you have any Herkimer experiences? Let me know. Also don't forget to check out my other crystal posts on Instagram or Facebook!

Thanks for reading

Rebecca Sarah xx

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