Herbs and Crystals for Imbolc

I love this time of the year , even though we are in the darkest half of the year still, we can begin to see the green shoots of Spring time making themselves known and this really brings with it the hope and joy of new beginnings, lighter days are coming and we are being asked to consider the ways in which we wish to grow and develop this year.

Now is the time to focus on preparing for this growth and that will most likely mean the clearing out of the old so we have the space to add new things in! Hence the term spring clean - this can be meant on many levels not only physically but energetically too. What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? Detox your social media follows and your email subscribes (obvs not mine please !!) but do take some time to clear out the clutter.

I have written before about crystals for this time of year and you can find a link to that blog here - Lighter days are coming ..... (silverbirchhealing.com) I would really still recommend the same crystals and I shall be using the same but this year I shall be adding more garnet as a physical cleanser along with some orange calcite just to motivate me to get these things done. Speaking of physical, you may find you or people are around you are displaying physical symptoms such as coughs and colds etc. This is quite normal around this time of year and is simply our bodies way of detoxing us from our winter slumbers ready to spring into action. Try not to buy into the fear that has recently been associated with coughs and colds lately, just listen to your body, offer it rest and nourishment and allow it to heal.

As many of you know, I am absolutely into my herbs and plants, as time goes on I find myself embodying the plant witchery vibe even more so. I also absolutely believe that Mother Earth holds the answers to all our problems. So if you are interested in supporting your body with some natural herbal allies this month I would recommend you explore the following.

St Johns Wort is a good herb to use for this time of year, its yellow flowers bring some much needed cheer into our lives after the darkness of winter. Its also a fabulous herb to help with seasonal affective disorder and anxiety. which many people may be experiencing presently. Its botanical name is Hypericum Perforatum and it works in a similar way to anti depressant medication by increasing the activity of brain chemicals such as serotonin and noradrenaline both of which affect our mood.

I love to connect with lemon balm at Imbolc, and I always dry lots of it out to use in the winter . Lovely Lemon Balm (silverbirchhealing.com) as you can see here I am in my element surrounded by lemon balm - lemon balm is such a happy little plant, she likes to spread her joy to all. An excellent anti viral plant who is also very soothing, she also can help relieve a stagnant digestive system which is an excellent way to detoxify as spring comes round.

The 2 herbs I really love to use for this time of year are Cleavers (Galium Aparine) that sticky plant you find when walking and of course Dandelion (Taraxacum Officiale)

Cleavers is the best herb to assist your body in detoxification because it supports your lymphatic system , urinary system and biliary system, flushing out toxins and decreasing congestion.

Dandelion is THE best herb in my humble opinion, it is nutritious and extremely healing. sadly though these days she is often seen as a weed, but more fool those who kill her off I say!!! Dandelion was know as the cure all herb , supporting liver health, kidney health, digestion and containing a high number of antioxidants. You can use all parts of the Dandelion from root to flower and if you aren't tempted to use her in a herbal way, leave her in your lawn as she is the first food for our bees and pollinating insects.

Please do research thoroughly before using herbs, forage sensibly and kindly, always giving thanks to the Earth for her support.

I hope you find this blog post of interest.

Its a big week this week as I am opening my business doors for treatments , we have the 2222 portal of 2/2/2022 AND a new moon in Aquarius, so I wish you love and blessings for the week ahead . Thank you for reading and don't forget to drop me a follow on my social media accounts to keep up to date with all my news!

Much Love

Rebecca Sarah xx

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