Hold your centre!

Today's blog is from a card message that has appeared to me frequently in the last few weeks. It's card 34 from the Light worker Oracle by Alanna Fair child. An absolutely beautiful deck which I enjoy connecting with.

You may have seen me post this on Instagram, but allow me to take a deeper dive into this message.

We are all unique beings of light, we were all created by source energy and are here as souls on a journey to complete our Misson on the earth plane. Do we always go with our truth or do we often dare not go against the grain? How aligned do we feel with our souls purpose - do we even know what it is or may be the reason why we are here?!?

On a wider scale, life becomes about societal conformation - yes I made that phrase up! - what I mean by this is we confirm we are part of society by conforming to its demands and expectations. But should we?

Should we believe all that we are told? What really happens when we start to question this matrix and push the boundaries of life? We have become a race of beings who spend our time working, slaving away, having no time for ourselves, simply trying to meet the demands of bills, chores, parenting,.... Life! Is this what we truly want? A lifetime trapped in the constraints of greed, a set narrative, competition and all things physical? I'm not sure that truly resonates with me.

We just carry on though don't we, because fear holds us back. Fear makes us question and doubt ourselves, our abilities, the reactions of others. Fear of the unknown and fear of being different. Fear is that low vibrational energy that shackles our minds. We see those who break free and become fearless and often they are ridiculed, labelled as weirdos or even ostracised from society....... OK that may be extreme examples but still. There is so much judgement out there and is this really how we want to live our lives?

Truth is the first step in consciousness, knowing the truth is empowering as it enables you to live an informed life. You get to take your power back and be in full control. Yet there is so much misinformation out there, sometimes the truth is buried deeply and with so many agendas and narratives to negotiate its often easier to just accept what's fed to us and Bury our heads in the sand about anything further.

That's OK, if you choose that path, it's not for me know. I yearn for truth and I have learnt that the best place to start is with myself. You and I are truth, we hold it within us. We are sovereign beings of light and we hold our truth with strength. It's time to know and accept who you truly are, do the internal work, heal that generational wounding in this lifetime. You are dark and light, walk centrally within that, dip into the dark, the shadow and learn to accept it, trust in your light and share it.

Ask yourself, does this resonate with me? Sit in stillness and listen for the answer. They will come and try not to fear them when they do. Truth is at times painful but it is the only way forward.

We are all so different, shouldn't we be celebrating this? When you step out of your comfort zone your Ego really starts to yell....... You won't succeed, you can't do this, people will laugh, people will leave me .....

This is Ego and fear trying to hold you back and keep you comfortable. Stepping into your true being and holding your centre may be a painful process of letting go. These things/people/emotions are being shed because they no longer resonate with you. They no longer vibrate at your frequency. We release to create room for growth and potential, for truth and for healing. Whilst this is painful it's also so very powerful and poignant, it should not be feared.

A sense of Inner peace and strength that really signs in with your whole being will come with truth. It's empowering and divine. Seeking your own truth is the best way to start, the truth about who you are, your beliefs and values. Break yourself free from the fear mindset, tell your ego all will be well! Trust in God and the Universe that your truth will set you free.

Work on those chakras ~ base for grounding, security and knowing

~ solar plexus for power and gut instinct

~ throat for speaking and communication

Remember, you are a being of light, uniquely you, and the earth needs you as you are not as a reflection of societies demands. You are loved divinely as you are.

Know your truth, trust your path, have healthy boundaries in place for strength and LOVE who you are. Be true to yourself and hold your centre.

Let me know if this resonates with you.

Much love and reiki blessings

Rebecca Sarah


Ps I released a podcast today ~ it's me ranting on about this message, but if you check out my Linktree you'll see the link to it. Pop me a follow if you fancy. Haven't quite worked out how to link it to my website yet!!!!! Well we are in mercury retrograde so I'm blaming that!!!!

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