Make Peace with Lapis Lazuli

I wanted to start bringing back crystals into my blogs and posts. I'll be honest, I have had a bit of anxiety this last year over crystals but I can feel myself reconnecting into them more now and my worries are starting to settle.

My anxiety came from an article I read about the mining of Lapis Lazuli. Lapis is one of my favourite crystals, its one I've been on the deepest journey with during meditation. A large amount of Lapis comes from the mines in Afghanistan, and it was in this article I read about the illegal mining of lapis along with its association to extremist groups exploiting the land, the people and those who consciously mine for crystals.

This sent me on a bit of a downward spiral, it made me question the crystal trade a lot. Do we really need to ravage the earth and drag crystals out for our own pleasure? What are we actually achieving by doing this? If we want to connect to crystals should we not just deepen our connection to Gaia and allow crystals to support us through her energy? How many of us actually use our crystals properly or do we leave them just to collect dust in the corner of our room? I just really hate to think we are raping the earth of her crystals for our own gain with very little thought or consciousness of the action.

Crystals have seemed to become an increasing 'trend' of recent years and when things gain popularity, obviously they are open to exploitation. And so are we as the purchasers. I went through some of my crystals and really felt that a few I'd purchased over the years weren't what they were sold as for sure. Not any of my biggies but still, it made me think how many of us believe we are buying a crystal when actually it's fake, or part fake. If you purchase a crystal and it looks dull and lifeless, then chances are it probably is-either that or its been uncarefully man handled down a long line from supply and distribution. If a crystal is cheap.... Its for a reason and also, please never buy large wholesale bags on eBay the deal is never as authentic as you are led to believe.

I'm mindful I'm sounding a bit ranty and preachy. Not my intention I promise, but as a crystal healer I need to align myself with the crystal mining and purchasing process as true and authentic as I can. I think it's good to explore issues and reflect on our actions, at the end of the day, you have your own free will and choices to make as do I.

Speaking of which, I made some choices and decision about crystals as I processed these thoughts and feelings.

🌿Firstly I had completely stopped myself purchasing crystals, I did a lot of research into sellers and I only have 2 that I purchase from. These sellers are ethical and trustworthy, not because it says so on their Instagram bio but because I can feel it in their work, their connection to the crystals and their conversation with me.

🌿Secondly, I don't buy on a whim anymore. I used to have this 'ooo I need that' feeling when watching live sales or seeing posts. I still have that feeling but I sit with it a bit longer now, I'm not so impulsive about purchases.

🌿 I like to connect with sellers who give something back to Earth, that's really important to me. And also I make sure I honour and give thanks to the Earth very regularly through offerings, healing and gratitude practice.

🌿I streamlined my collection. I had a LOT of Crystals just sitting there. I went though them all and gave some away, sold some and even put some out and about in my garden. I just felt a little over whelmed with the amount I had. After all crystals are energy and having all that mixture of energy about the place isn't always a good thing.

So I feel like I've come to a place of greater peace with the crystal trade. I am lucky to have some beautiful pieces in my collection to use in treatments, but I've also reconnected with my lovely lapis lazuli! I felt a bit guilty for not holding it for so long hahaha!!

Do any of you have any crystal oracle decks? These are good tools to use instead of purchasing crystals, you can tune into the energy of the crystal using an oracle deck image. I have The crystal spirits oracle deck by Collete Baron-Reid. Its a beauty, it reminds us to honour each crystal as a gift from Mother Earth and connecting with crystals offers us the power to align with each stones consciousness, which in turn is woven into the universal consciousness. In this deck Lapis brings us spiritual truth, enlightenment, meditation, unity consciousness and inner vision, so I find it very interesting that it's this stone that spurred my recent wobble!

Thank you for reading my blog today, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments so pop them below ⬇️

In the mean time go show your crystals some love!!!

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