Reiki and Me!

Welcome Birch Tribe! This is my third weekly blog post of 2021 and I thought (seeing as 3 is the magic number!) I would share a little bit more about myself this week as well as talk to you a little more in depth about Reiki healing.

My name is Rebecca - although I rarely actually get called my full name - I am usually shortened to Bex or Bec definitely have never felt the Becky vibe though! I am the founder of Silver Birch Healing and the face behind all those Facebook and Insta posts you lovely lot show your appreciation for!!

My healing business is a fairly new venture for me and really only kick started last year ( what a year to start a hands on healing business hey!!??) I have always had a deeply spiritual side but as life throws you the curve balls it does, I have found myself dipping in and out of spirituality. The knowing has always been there though.

For those of you who don't know , my back ground is nursing I qualified as a Registered General Nurse in 2001 and up until 2020 worked in a variety of different settings and roles including education, intensive care, community and management. During that short space of time, the nursing profession and role changed immensely and although the aspects that drew me into nursing - hands on, helping, healing, were still there. I felt they were getting more deeply drowned in red tape, management tiers and reams of pointless (my opinion) paperwork. There has always also been a niggle deep inside of me that has felt conventional medicinal techniques and treatments lack the holistic and spiritual application which is so much needed to heal the whole individual. This niggle never left me throughout my nursing and so I knew I was destined to help others in a more spiritual and holistic way.

I have always had crystals around me - for many many years now. I love the way they look, the way they feel and of course the healing they can offer. I also read a lot about Reiki healing and its benefits. After a series of treatments I experienced the benefits for myself I knew then that this was what I needed to do. Fast forward two training courses later and I am now a fully qualified level 2 Usui Reiki Practitioner I was so excited because I could also bring forth my crystals and combine them with spiritual healing - it was at this point that Silver Birch Healing was born!

What is Reiki and how can it help?

Reiki is a Japanese word (pronounced. 'Ray Kee') the word is divided into two parts

REI - meaning 'Sacred ' 'soul' or 'spirit'

KI - meaning 'life force energy'- this is the energy which flows through every living thing

Reiki literally means ' spiritual energy' sometimes also translated as 'universal life force energy'

Reiki is a safe, gentle ,non-intrusive hands on or distance healing technique which uses spiritual energy for physical, emotional ,mental and spiritual healing. It is a holistic and natural healing modality that leaves clients relaxed and emotionally balanced. Reiki healing flows to where it is most needed within the individual and is as effective sent as a distance healing as it is hands on healing.

When you receive reiki healing your experience will be different each time. You may feel a gentle warmth, or a tingling sensation as the energy flows. You may feel a glowing radiance flowing through and around you. You may visualise colours or images as you receive the healing. Whatever your experience, know that Reiki only flows to where it is needed the most and that it can do no harm.

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is energy and intent therefore it can be sent from the practitioner to anyone anywhere in the world. As the recipient, you just have to be open to receive the healing.

For my distance healing clients the process is as follows

* we arrange a mutually convenient time - this can be day time or evenings

* a short health questionnaire is completed (via email)

* I send a link to my body scan relaxation meditation and some beautiful healing music - both optional but will enhance the experience.

* at the arranged time - the client has to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed and open to receive the healing

* I send the healing using distance Reiki power symbols.

* later that day or the following day I will send a follow up message with any session feedback and ask for you to do the same.

That's it - simple and very effective . I offer a variety of Reiki services including chakra balancing and combined Reiki and crystal healing. If you still aren't sure do take a minute to check out the reviews on my Silver Birch Healing Facebook page.

I also offer a monthly Reiki, Reading and Relaxation package - for just £44 a month (or ad-hoc) you can purchase 1 x 30 minute Reiki healing session, 1 x mini oracle card reading and 1 personalised tailored meditation ( in addition to the free body scan meditation) Bargain!!

If you are wanting to book a session - then you can see the full list of services on my web site and or book via .

So, why the Silver Birch name?

Its a question I get asked! Well, I have always had a deep connection with nature. Trees, animals , plants you name it. I grow many of my own herbs and in the summer our garden is thriving with fruit and vegetables we have seeded in the spring. I love the seasons , the cycles of life and I adore The Moon.!! In my garden I have a Silver Birch tree and around it I plant all my herbs - its my place of zen, my magical space and I love it.

The Silver Birch is one of my favourite trees. I just think its beautiful all year round . Its a native tree steeped in ancient wisdom. The Birch is the first tree of the Celtic Lunar Tree calendar and its energies correspond with new beginnings, renewal and cleansing. This beautiful tree lights up under the Moons beams providing light in the darkest hour. This resonates with my experience of Spirituality - its a deep cleansing process which results in a renewed outlook and way of being.

so all of that led me to the name !! Here's some images of my Birch looking mighty fine this autumn.....

Beautiful isn't she?