Rose Quartz - properties, meanings and uses

Rose Quartz or the Stone of the Heart is another must have crystal in my opinion. Also known as Hyaline Quartz this little pink cherub offers a graceful pale pink tone with a translucent transparency. Mined in USA, Brazil, Madagascar and Japan, Rose quartz has a hexagonal crystal structure and is from the Quartz crystal family.

Rose quartz is known as the Heart Stone. It vibrates with the frequency of the Rose and the number 7 so it brings in pure love with an earthy nurturing grounding feel to it. It holds a sense of mystery about it too and is known for its connection to Aphrodite and Adonis. I feel this is the crystal of the Goddess, in particular I feel association with Lady Nada, Quan Yin and of course Mary Magdalena. It has a deeply Feminine Energy which is strong yet soft, so RQ is a good crystal to help you to connect to your inner goddess it will encourage your goddess to rise within whilst being beautifully nurturing and kind to both self and others.

Rose Quartz connects to our heart and our throat chakras, enabling us to truly see ourselves in a loving light and to express ourselves with compassion and kindness. This crystal is the number one crystal for opening us up to loving more. It is the crystal of unconditional love, of universal love, teaching us to know our worth and believe in ourselves. Rose quartz is heart opening, it aligns your heart softly, protecting you without building up heart wall barriers - these are blocks to love and self care. This pink pocket friend teaches us about forgiveness, forgiveness of self and others. Teaching us to see the bigger picture and to act with compassion, empathy and kindness.

As Rose Quartz is associated with the heart, it's of no surprise that on a physical level, this crystal is said to improve heart health, boost circulation, reduce stress and generally balance your energies. Use rose quartz under your pillow and it will help you achieve a deep, restful sleep - reducing nightmares, so it's good for little ones too! It's also a wonderful stone for the expectant mother, particularly when teamed with the Feminine energies of moonstone.

On an emotional level, rose quartz is described as 'a bubble bath for the emotions' soothing emotional wounds and assisting the wearer to heal from emotional trauma. Rose Quartz soft gentle energy will wash over you in rays of pink love. Nurturing you and gently guiding you to see yourself in a loving light.

With its beautiful energy, heart healing magic and openness to love, I think the whole world could do with some Rose Quartz healing right now!

Here's some ways to bring Rose Quartz energy into your life -

🌹 Wear rose quartz jewellery. Its safe and gentle enough to wear for prolonged periods especially effective if worn around the heart space.

🌹 Use Rose Quartz as part of your beauty regime - Rose quartz gua sha tools are very easy to buy and there's loads of how to videos on YouTube.

🌹 Use to assist you with affirmations. Its structure and energetic nature means it holds on well to affirmations, supporting you with them through love.

I hope this blog has encouraged you to connect with Rose Quartz and allow her pink rays of nurturing love into your day 🌹

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Thanks for reading 🌹


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