The Mystery of the Runes.

We head now into Scorpio season, it takes us from the 23rd October up until the 21st November.

The scorpion is the symbol of duality but in a different essence to that of Libra. Scorpio represent death and rebirth, releasing the old and making way for the new. Its deep, dark and mysterious. Scorpio is the snake bringing in the energy of shedding and releasing the old along with the energy of the Eagle representing renewal and forward steps.

Scorpio season is a time to connect with your shadow self, to embrace the darkness and to tune in as your intuitive gifts deepen.

So this is why I'm drawn back to my runes. I've had them a while now and worked with them a little. But in the last week or so I have had a real calling to connect back with them again. Like a deep knowing of their potency and magic, I just need time, patience and dedication to bring it back to the surface again.

Runes are symbols carved or burnt into wood or stones. They are very beautiful to look at and indeed working with them on a deeper level lately I have found a hidden depth to each of them.

The word rune itself means secret, mystery or whisper - totally perfect for the Scorpio season vibe! I work with the Elder Futhark Runes these are the most ancient of all Rune alphabet and are thought to date back to Germanic people in 700BC.

Legend has it the the god Odin discovered the runes during a 9 day and 9 night initiation upon the world tree, known as Yggdrasil.

Runes have shape, sound and meaning, they are deeply embedded in language and consciousness today. I've definitely connected with Runes in a past lifetime without doubt!

There are 24 Runes in total divided into 3 sets of 8. Each set is known as an 'Aett' or family of Runes, each family with an overarching theme. The 1st Aett is representative of us finding our footing in the material and physical plane. The 2nd Aett overarches our maturity, growth, obstacles and abundance, while the 3rd Aett really connect us to our spiritually, our community and to our intuitive sides.

Runes have a powerful and magical history. The Germanic people used Runes as inscriptions to name objects, record ownership, seek protection and power. In this day Runes are a way of tuning into to that ancient energy and wisdom, connecting to your higher self and listening to inner guidance.

Runes can be cast for divination purposes. Traditionally they were cast in multiples of 3, however any number or spread can be used. They have some similarities with the Tarot and I do love combining their energies.

You can also use runes for magic, spell work and manifestation. This is called Binding the Runes and is a careful process full of clear focused intent to bring together certain runes to energise a wish, desire, dream etc. Something I really cannot wait to try out!

There is so much depth to these magical symbols, they are linked to astrology, specific months of the year and - as there are 24 of them - hours in the day. This means it is possible to work out your birth Runes.

Working with the Runes feel like a life long commitment of study, connection, meditation and wisdom seeking. They are a connection to the Ancient times and have a sense of magical mystery and wonder!

If you are intrigued about the Runes please do contact me to book a reading.

Past, present and future £9 this reading gives and overview of the Runic energy over your past, present and future its available here Rune Reading -3 Runes | Silver Birch Healing

Spiral and the Elements reading £25 - Runes only

Spiral and The Elements Rune and Tarot combined £35

These readings tap into the Celtic spiral energy and offer you a look into how the 4 elements - earth, air, fire and water hold influence in your life. You can check it out here - Spiral & The Elements Reading | Silver Birch Healing

Readings are sent via email with full imagery and a voice note/written explanation of my intuitive messages for you.

Much love and magical blessings

Rebecca Sarah 💜 ✨

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