Water is Sacred

Do you ever consider how sacred water truly is? Do you drink with mindful intent and consideration , reflecting on the source and provision of this Divine liquid? Or do you just appreciate the availability of fresh water to drink, bathe in and cook with?

I must admit that up until a few years ago, I hadn't really given water too much thought. I kind of took its availability for granted, didn't consume enough of it and gave very little consideration or gratitude to the source. I should think that many of us are the same with this, and there is no shame to be felt with that. However I invite you to read this blog with an open mind in the hope it will maybe broaden your thoughts and feelings in relation to water.

We are water beings before we are land beings. Yep I know a bold statement but listen, where are we when we first come into life form? Yep that's right we are swimming in the dark and watery amniotic womb of our Mothers. So, we know water before we know land. "The waters of life are our primordial Mother and soul memory. The rivers of our body flow with memory" (1)

Water holds us when we are at our most vulnerable, cushioning us as we grow, connecting us with the cycles of the moon and only releasing us when the timing is divine.

Water is the foundation of all life on Earth, without it we simply would not survive, nothing would. It is essential - I know that you know this, but I am wondering how often it is that we reflect on this and pay water the deep reverence it deserves. Water has always been used in healing practice and rituals, across many ages and all traditions, this is because it is known to be a powerful conductor of energy frequencies and quantum information. Even to this day we make Moon water by infusing water with the moons light and energy. This is a ritual that has been honoured for many years. To infuse ourselves with moon water is known as drinking the moon and moonlight on the waters surface was considered a healing balm to restore health and to infuse the soul with the shimmering light of the feminine dimension.

The history surrounding the ancient practices of water is huge. Many of the words we know today actually stem from Ancient Priestesses who used water in rituals and healing. These Priestesses we may call 'Ladies of the lake '- a term now steeped in myth rather than fact, however these ladies did exist. They were Priestesses of womb mystery schools, who lived and practiced in the Sacred Feminine Moon colleges. They were collectively known as merry maidens, mermaids ( mer being of the sea - check out the french word for sea?), Magdalenes. Even the word lake has history! Lakes were seen as portals to the feminine underworld, a doorway to the depths of Mumma Gaia herself.

There are also many Holy wells and sacred water sites around the world. Wells were also considered to be portals . The Chalice Well here in Avalon in the UK is known for its iron red waters considered to be symbolic of the menstrual waters of the earth. Well dressing rituals still take place to this day as these sacred sites are honoured and blessed.

The Chalice Well and Gardens Glastonbury - YouTube

Water is known to hold frequency and carry emotions. This is reflected in the most famous study of water crystals carried out by Dr Emoto. He discovered the shape of the crystals in water changed depending how they were spoken too. In a nutshell, water treated with love and kindness displayed beautiful patterns and shapes, whereas the water which was spoken to negatively appeared displaced, irregular and imbalanced. His experiment proved that every word , thought or feeling has an immediate and direct effect upon the molecular structure of water. You can read about his study in his book or click here for a quick link to the images he discovered. Legacy Of Dr Masuru Emoto - Polaric Therapeutics

Words are the vibrations of nature. Therefore beautiful words create beautiful nature. Ugly words create ugly nature. This is the root of the universe.” Dr Emoto

In Spiritual practices today, water continues to be considered as sacred. It is always associated with the ebb and flow of our emotions, and as we journey through our own healing, we deepen the descent into our own living waters. Water is used for cleansing us physically and spiritually, it guides us to flow through obstacles and blocks. Water holds a feminine energy, it is connected to the moon and the waters of our world ebb and flow in synchronicity with the cycles of the moon.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with you. Well, if water is sacred (which it is) then so are you (which you are) You are a being of water, your physical vessel contains a lot of water, you consume it, bathe in it and splash through it. Honouring water is honouring you. Acknowledging yourself as a sacred and divine being, truly loving yourself and treating your cells you inner world with love, compassion and kindness - think of those water crystals! So, make moon water and consume it, bathe in the most delicious luxurious baths you can, drink clean and pure water, bless it with your love and intention so you can consume the vibrations of those words. Respect and love water for all her teachings and give thanks to Mother Earth for this wonderful life maintaining gift.

(1) From the book Womb Awakening by Bertrand & Bertrand

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